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VMware Certified Advanced Professional 7 - Cloud Management and Automation Design Exam - 3V0-732 Exam Questions

A financial services company has mandated that all IP and DNS entries be allocated from an existing thirdparty IPAM solution. Also, for auditing purposes, all systems must handle user authentication via the existing open source LDAP directory.
When considering a logical design for this scenario, which is true about the dependency relationships of these systems?
Correct Answer: D
The security team has mandated that all new virtual machines undergo an automated network security scan when provisioned. The security team has provided the cloud architect with the REST API calls necessary to interface with the security scanning solution.
Which design recommendation would enable this capability?
Correct Answer: E
A bank has requested assistance with developing a backup design for its vRealize Automation platform. They would like system backups to be crash-consistent in the event of an outage.
What are three guidelines that should be followed when planning these backups? (Choose three.)
Correct Answer: A,B,E
A company has a main office, three regional offices, and six branches offices. The network links are configured as shown in the exhibit. View the Exhibit:

During information gathering, an architect records:
* The regional offices are located in secure bunkers. The CTO feels this would be a good location for all the vRealize Automation components to meet their BC/DR objectives. However, the CTO is looking for the best design while maintaining their very high security requirements.
* The branch offices are located in very remote locations with unpredictable network performance.
Reliance on the main and regional offices needs to be minimal while still allowing provisioning of machines in the branch offices. The branch offices consist of three host vSphere clusters.
* There is synchronous vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) between the regional offices as well as replicated backups between the regional offices with replication running nightly. The CEO wants to have the lowest possible RPO and RTO of the vRealize portal including the ability to manage already provisioned machines while NOT increasing the amount of data being replicated between the regional offices as much as possible.
Referring to the exhibit, which two design specifications can the architect recommend to meet requirements?
(Choose two.)
Correct Answer: A,D
An architect wants the ability to associate a blueprint with the default machine states for the use of extensibility tasks.
Which four default machine states could be associated with a blueprint to call out extensibility tasks? (Choose four.)
Correct Answer: A,C,D,G
The lead architect for a teaching hospital in Seattle is planning the deployment of a highly-distributed Cloud Management Platform based on VMware vRealize Automation. The design must include log aggregation and analytics for in-depth troubleshooting and analysis when issues arise and ensure a seamless experience for the operations teams.
* The organization must use vRealize Log Insight for log aggregation and analysis.
* The organization currently uses vRealize Operations for monitoring, alerting and capacity management.
* The design will use external vRealize Orchestrator Appliances.
Match the actions to the components. Some of the components may be associated with more than one action.
Correct Answer:

An architect was tasked with providing a temporary vRealize Automation instance for a test environment that includes a single vRealize Automation appliance and an IaaS server that includes a SQL database instance.
After testing is complete, the architect is tasked to convert the existing instance into a distributed, load-balanced instance to be used for production. Which design solution would best address this request?
Correct Answer: C
An architect has been tasked with designing a blueprint containing web, application and database machines utilizing NSX for networking.
Upon provisioning, network traffic must be automatically restricted to allow:
* The web server to communicate only to the application server
* The application server to communicate to both the web and database servers
* The database server to be blocked from communicating to the other servers Which two methods could the architect use to accomplish this? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: A,C
An architect for a vRealize Automation (vRA) deployment project has met with the IT team and gathered the following requirements:
* Automated 30-day power off and archive
* Keep costs as low as possible
* Utilize built- in functionality
* One click storage provisioning
* API calls to vRA and NSX
* Custom Portal
To which infrastructure quality does the 'One-click storage provisioning* technical requirement map?
Correct Answer: A